What appears to have been an old-fashioned gas war among Hannibal's fuel outlets results in America's Hometown being the home of the cheapest gas in Missouri.

A check of Missouri Gas Prices Dot Com shows that, as of Friday morning, the least expensive regular unleaded gas in the state is $1.56 a gallon at two stations in Hannibal. The rest of Hannibal's gas stations are selling gas for $1.58.

At the other end of the spectrum is one station in Poplar Bluff, where gas sells for $2.78.

The statewide average for gas is $1.77, compared to $2.21 a month ago and $3.02 a year ago.

On the Illinois side, gas prices in Quincy range from $1.87 to $1.91. The cheapest gas in the Land of Lincoln is $1.58 in Taylorville, while the most expensive is $3.89 in Chicago.

The statewide average price of gas in Illinois is $2.05. It was $2.55 a month ago and $3.38 a year ago.

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