The bi-weekly check of gas prices nationally shows the price at the pump continues to rise.

Oil industry analyst Trilby Lundberg reports that the price of a gallon of unleaded gas rose a dime in the past two weeks, with the national average price standing at $3.51. The price of gas has risen 22 cents a gallon nationally in the last month.

Closer to home, a check of the website shows the average price at the pump in Missouri is $3.39. That's nine cents higher than a week ago and 31 cents higher than a month ago, but still 14 cents cheaper than a year ago.

The cheapest gas in Missouri is $3.13 at stations in Matthews and New Madrid. The most expensive is $3.99 at Ladue. The price of gas in Hannibal is $3.39.

A check of shows an average price at the pump of $3.77 a gallon, which is up a nickel from last week and up 32 cents a gallon in the last month. Gas on average was $3.80 a gallon in Illinois a year ago.

Illinois' cheapest gas is $3.30 in McHenry, with the most expensive standing at $4.38 in Chicago North. Gas in Quincy ranges from $3.57 to $3.71.

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