For years I have driven past the old St. Mary's Hospital, but I didn't realize how much property it sat on. With the building being demolished, it has opened up the viewing of that area. Once completely down, the revelation of it's size will be obvious.

The demolition process has been going on now for a few weeks and as one drives by the facility you can recognized the magnitude of that demolition process. With housing located so close to the hospital site, an implosion was not an option. That's too bad, because, for whatever reason, people seem to love to watch buildings implode and I am sure this would be the case here as well.

In driving past the facility on Broadway it is not so easy to see how things look so I took the opportunity to drive past it on Vermont Street. From that side (see picture) it looks like one of those bombed out buildings we see nightly from Syria on the nightly news.

Regardless of your feelings on the building being torn down, you have to admit it has been interesting to watch the progress of the demolition.

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