The bear who escaped his enclosure at the St. Louis Zoo twice in the past few weeks will be escaping again soon, but this time it's planned. Ben the "escapee" bear at the St. Louis Zoo is being sent to Texas.

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You might recall the concerning news over the past few weeks that Ben, the Andean Bear at the St. Louis Zoo, escaped his enclosure by manipulating a gate not once, but twice. The St. Louis Zoo made this announcement today regarding what they think is best for Ben moving forward.

If you can't read the fine print, Ben is being transferred to Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville, Texas. From the St. Louis Zoo description, it sounds like the enclosure at the zoo in Texas is a little more formidable than they can provide which is probably a good idea for Ben who has proven he's interested in adventure.

The St. Louis Zoo still has a healthy bear population especially with the many in Grizzly Ridge. Unfortunately, moving forward Ben won't be one of them. Safe travels to one of the most colorful characters in St. Louis Zoo history.

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