If I were given superpowers to stop just one injustice in the world, it would likely be this one. Human trafficking is a horrific crime and the state of Illinois is ramping up efforts to crack down on those that exploit the safety and freedom of others.

The Illinois State Police just shared a press release this week sharing that they have teamed up with law enforcement forces from Texas to help with the training of officers to combat human trafficking.

“Human trafficking survivors are often children and vulnerable to exploitation or other
victimization,” said ISP Director Brendan F. Kelly. “The Interdiction for the Protection of Children specialized training gives our officers the tools they need to identify at-risk and exploited children, and bring those committing these heinous crimes to justice.”

The training these Illinois officers did was focused on the perspectives of victims and trying to isolate and identify the people that commit these crimes. It was widespread and included "nine local law enforcement officers, 62 DCFS employees, 31 child advocates, and 86 ISP officers" according to the press release.

According to the Illinois State Police, human trafficking is the most underreported crime in the state. This new effort is meant to make sure that isn't the case moving forward.

If only society would collectively show outrage for these crimes like it does others, maybe we could lessen or someday stop the business of selling people and their freedom. Hopefully the Illinois State Police teaming up with Texas will get us closer to that day.

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