It's been fantastic to see the many acts of kindness in quarantine lock down.  From sidewalk chalk, to hearts taped up on front doors, Christmas lights in spring and the teddy bears on the porch we told you about last week,  we've seen some great displays of humanity.

As I was out yesterday, I ran across a posse of costumed characters at Luther Manor Nursing Home in Hannibal.  As you know, visitors are not allowed at nursing homes right now.  This band of cowboys, fairies, unicorns and their pals in a socially safe distance were parading past the windows at Luther Manor spreading some cheer to residents.  The animated faces of the paraders and the residents alike were something to see.

A huge shout out to Community Loving Care Hospice based in Bowling Green, Missouri  They're visiting all the nursing homes in their northeast Missouri service area, spreading smiles, seeding joy and sending love in these solitary times.

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