Mountain Dew lovers can now take their soda to bed with them.

I have always loved soda! As a child growing up it was the sweet treat we always craved, and as an adult (especially one who doesn't drink coffee) soda is something I always turn to for an afternoon pick me up. But I always try to make sure I don't drink soda too close to bed time because you don't want all that sugar and caffeine to keep you up tossing and turning. Well Mountain Dew wants you to take them to bed to help you sleep with their new product.

According to the website Mountain Dew is releasing a giant new "Body Pillow" that you can sleep with. According to the article (to see the full article and the picture of the GIANT Mountain Dew Pillow CLICK HERE) they say...

"The newest item on your wish list looks exactly as you’d picture it. The green bottle and label have been transformed into a huge, fluffy pillow that you can spoon and cuddle to your heart’s content. It’s approximately 4.5 feet tall and 1.6 feet wide, so it’s certainly not a small body pillow to cuddle with...You’ll be able to get your own DEW Body Pillow at the online DEW Store likely in March 2021..."

To see the full article with the picture click here!

To shop the Mountain Dew Store click here!

I am not by any means a huge Mountain Dew fan BUT I know of a couple of people in my life who LOVE Mountain Dew and this giant pillow would be the perfect silly gift to get them, sadly you just gotta wait until March.

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