We have all been a part of a prank from time to time. Some are minor and some are excessive. Some are laughed at and others are met with resistance. Such is the case with the 38 young people who were involved with late night activities at Highland High School Monday night.

David Hsu
David Hsu

A senior prank at the school means 38 students at Highland High at Ewing, Missouri will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies this Friday. Superintendent Jackie Ebeling says two students broke in through the roof around 1:15 Monday morning and let 36 others into the building.

Some furniture was moved into the gym. Vaseline was spread on door knobs and toilet seats and damage was done to the marquee sign. No criminal charges are expected. With the decision a total of only 50 students will participate in the graduation ceremony.

So here is the question? Who is being punished here? The students or the parents? For the parents, graduation is a milestone for their children to achieve and seeing them receive their diploma in the graduation ceremony is one of those lifetime parenting events you don't want to miss. On the other hand, the 38 students are apparently guilty of activities they should not have been a part of and they should suffer some consequences. I am not sure missing graduation is it. It seems like the parents take the hit with that one.

So let me ask you this.  If you were Superintendent Jackie Ebeling what would you do?

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