Yes, we as adults need to play more video games, it seems crazy but it's true, here is why.

It feels weird saying this but, I love my Xbox One. If you know me, you know I don't consider myself a "gamer" by any means, in fact the majority of my video gaming life ended in post college. And even during the times in my life from 8 to 22 when I regularly played video games, it was always Nintendo, and usually just N64 for Super Smash Bros, or Mario Party,  and of course Mario Kart (I still suck at Rainbow Road). Actual "gaming" on Xbox or Play Station felt like something that was for my younger brother and something I had zero interest in, but all of that changed this past October.

For my 30th birthday back in October my little brother bought me an Xbox One S (at the time it was the newest Xbox available) so we could game against each other in games like Madden, and NBA2K. My little brother lives in Columbia, South Carolina, and so we don't get to see each other a ton, BUT since he got me the Xbox we regularly spend a day or 2 each week for a couple hours killing zombies in Warzone or him kicking my butt in Madden, and with the headsets we wear that have microphones we spend most of the time just talking. Who just calls anyone anymore to just catch up? I certainly wasn't doing that, but now we spend hours talking and connecting then ever before, and it's all thanks to the technology to talk and game on Xbox from hundreds of miles away. It feels like we are just back in the basement of the house we grew up in in Crystal Lake just kids getting to hangout.

So while I know that Warzone, and Madden may not be for everyone, there are games out there on Xbox or Play Station that could work for you and your siblings, or friends, or anyone else you want to connect with over long distances, Or maybe just bust out the N64 with the significant other this weekend and connect that way, its more fun than re watching The Office again!

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