Someone could make a fortune restoring what was found in this abandoned Illinois home. Dozens of classic and in some cases rare arcade games were left behind in ruin.

An urban explorer near St. Louis traveled to Alton, Illinois and captured video of what little remained of an abandoned home. Here's what Tony and his team said about what they found:

We found vintage arcade machines in the basement of this abandoned house! This video also includes an abandoned bridge a giant overgrown property with a piece of heavy equipment and we caught a hawk on camera attacking a snake...Star castle arcade , popeye arcade, donkey Kong jr arcade, donkey kong , ms Pac-Man and other unidentified machines.

More on what these machines could be worth after you see a walkthrough of this massive waste.

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To give you an idea of what some of these machines are potentially worth, here's a list I've compiled of what fully-functional original versions of these games are worth.

Donkey Kong Jr - $2,995

Ms. Pacman - $2795

Popeye - $2,895

Star Castle is extremely rare and was originally released in arcades in 1980. I can't even find a vague estimate what one of those cabinets would sell for.

The only thing I can guess is that whoever vacated this home did it in a hurry and didn't know or think it was worth the trouble to have someone salvage those classic games. A collector would likely have had the means and knowledge to get them restored and worth a mint.

As it stands, this home and its contents are a complete waste of ruin. Sad.

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