Well, by now you already know that 2020 has been a weird year, a year we would all like to forget. It seems like if it is ever going to happen it will happen in 2020. Case in point was Wednesday night during the Vice-Presidential debate.  Right there for all to see was this large black fly that just happened to land on the head of white-haired Mike Pence. His hair color sure made the pest noticeable.

It didn't just land there, it stayed there which leads me to the question that we have all though about at some time or other? "Do we tell him or not"? The answer Wednesday was not. So if you were the moderator would you have provided some levity and let Mr. Pence know that the Democrats let the fly in the debate hall?

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How many times have you noticed a wardrobe malfunction or food in a friend's teeth and wondered "should I tell him or her"? So, what would you do? Boy, 2020 has really been a crazy year when during a very important debate all people are talking about is a fly that just wanted a few minutes of fame!

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