How is this even possible? A report says that a 63-year-old Missouri man went to the doctor for a routine screening only to learn that his intestines were playing host to an uninvited visitor - a fully-intact fly.

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I saw this disturbing story shared on Yahoo Life which apparently originated from The Independent. Here's the short version of what went down (literally) in this Missouri man's digestive system:

  • He went to the doctor for a routine colon exam (aka colonoscopy)
  • He was experiencing no discomfort or any other unusual issues
  • He told doctors his most recent meals were pizza and lettuce
  • Doctors found a fully-intact fly in the lower part of his intestines
  • The fly was completely intact, but not alive

The Yahoo Life story shared a picture, too. I'll take a hard pass on sharing that here to avoid ruining your Thanksgiving meal plans.

This report was confirmed and picture shared by the American Journal of Gastroenterology.

Now, I can't get the Jeff Goldblum movie "The Fly" out of my head. Thanks, internet.

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