It is funny how things just happen at the wrong time although there never is a good time for some things to happen.  Such was the case for my co-host Sarah Deien. A couple of weeks ago she was planning to go on vacation with her family when all of a sudden her washing machine just stopped working.  Like I said there is never a good time for that to happen, but a day before heading out on vacation certainly wasn't ideal especially when listening to her tell the story. The local laundromat came to her rescue and off the Deien family went to enjoy their trip.

But always in the back of Sarah's mind was the lingering thought that she needed to buy a new washer when she returned to Hannibal. That's exactly what she did. Her order was placed and it was to be delivered in a few days.

Then the call came that no one ever wants to hear. There was a little problem. What was the problem?  There was a small scratch on her new washing machine. Here's what happened next....

By the way, Sarah scratched!



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