One of the most sad circumstances are those that result in despair. That's about the only way to describe a place in Illinois that was just named the 'ugliest' in the state. It's described as a place "where people don't care anymore".

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This is not my opinion as I've never been through this part of Illinois that I can remember. However, the research I've done seems to indicate that a new ranking by Travel A Lot is unfortunately spot on correct. This is probably the ugliest place in Illinois for many reasons. This might be the prettiest view in this Illinois town.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

What is the ugliest city in Illinois?

Travel A Lot says it's Riverdale, Illinois.

They quote someone on Niche who said this about Riverdale:

Now, a lot of the older people are passing away and their homes are being given to… people who don't care... making it even worst than it already is.

That's obviously just someone's opinion, but when there's a general vibe that wreaks of a lack of concern, that's not a good sign.

I looked up the crime rate for Riverdale, Illinois on Neighborhood Scout and it looks like violent crime is around triple the "normal" in Illinois. Also not good. Overall, 81% of Illinois neighborhoods are safer than Riverdale. Ouch.

This news would make comic book Archie Andrews who called Riverdale home so very sad.

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