Bruno the Bear, who won all of our hearts during the double quarantine in June of 2020 has died after being euthanized Morehouse Parish, Louisiana due to injuries he sustained from a semi.

Bruno wandered his way down through several midwestern states, looking for a home and a mate, moving from Wisconsin, through most Midwest states. He ended up being captured in Missouri near Interstate 70, and was relocated last summer.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries received a call from a homeowner in Morehouse Parish about Bruno, who was laying on their property and wouldn't leave. LDWF responded and found the bear to be in distress and paralyzed with catastrophic injuries, according to Magnolia Reporter.

“If there is any way possible a bear can survive an injury, we assist by relocating the animal to a secluded area to give it a chance at survival’’ said LDWF Large Carnivore Program Manager Maria Davidson told Magnolia Reporter. “Unfortunately, this bear had injuries that would not have been survivable and the decision was made to humanely put it down.’’

Bruno weighed about 240 pounds, and it was determined that his injuries had occurred about a month ago from being struck by a semi, leading to a rapid decline in his health.


Our favorite moment of Bruno, was when one of our listeners captured video of Bruno taking care of business on his front lawn.

Read more at Magnolia Reporter

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