Flashback to Easter Sunday, 2018. It landed on the calendar on April 1. April Fool’s Day. Mother Nature pulled the best (and worst) prank of them all. Several inches of snow fell overnight. Instead of waking up to lush green grass and perky daffodils, children were faced with the added challenge of digging through snow to find their Easter eggs.

Ahhh, Easter Sunday morning. Little girls don their new fluffy, frilly, fancy spring dresses and adorn their feet with a new pair of pretty white sandals. But that Easter Sunday in 2018, those sandals were replaced by snow boots hiding their tiny painted toenails. Those bank-busting flouncy dresses were obscured by a padded winter coat.

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You see here a picture I took that Easter day. It was full of contradictions. My husband was outside, in the snow, wearing shorts and bedroom slippers, grilling our Easter dinner. I don’t remember why we were at home that year instead of celebrating with family as usual. I don’t know why we grilled steaks instead of serving the typical ham dinner. Thanks to Facebook though, I do remember that day.

Facebook memories are the best, provided you posted things in the past that are worth remembering. For me, they bring up mostly good times that I fondly recall. Even if I’ve shared an obituary of a loved one that day, it brings back not the sadness I felt, but the sweet memories I shared with that person.

This Easter, fear not says the Lord. The forecast calls for sunshine and low 70-degree temperatures. Unless Mother Nature really pulls a fast one and dumps snow in our Easter baskets…

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