I've read the sign of this tiny Missouri place and have still not correctly said it right apparently. That's one reason why it's now considered one of the hardest towns to pronounce in the United States of America.

If you had asked me before I saw this Reader's Digest ranking, I would have guessed the Missouri place they were talking about would be Auxvasse. Spoiler Alert: that's not the one. Nope, the hardest Missouri town to say correctly is this one.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

This is Qulin, Missouri with a grand total of 460 souls living there based on the last census. How do you pronounce Qulin? If you're used to starting Q words with "Qua", forget it. The "u" is silent in this case. It's Q-Lin. 

Qulin, Missouri is an interesting place. The Wikipedia page says the post office has been active there since 1881 and even mentions this infamous hard-to-pronounce notoriety. No one seems to know how this Missouri place got its name either. If you've been to or through Poplar Bluff, you've probably driven through Qulin. Just don't blink if you do or you'll miss it.

If nothing else, the pronunciation could make for a fun driving game where you can stump your passengers when you quiz them on how to say the sign when you pass it.

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