If you were to sit down with the help wanted ads or the various help wanted websites, you could probably read all day and still not get through the list of businesses that are begging for employees.

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Jobs are plentiful right now, most notably in the service sector. People available (or willing) to work is what is in short supply these days. Our Townsquare Radio Quincy stations have been trying to land a qualified sales candidate for quite some time. We are far from alone. For example, Hannibal’s Country Kitchen has had to cut back hours significantly. We were there after church on Sunday and there was a full house. However, a notice on the door says the restaurant doesn’t have enough workers to fill all the shifts and they’ve had to cut back hours of operation.

The Quincy Maid Rite made this announcement on its Facebook page:

“We are trying very hard to take care of our customers. However, due to a shortage of waiters we are not able to service all of our dine in guests. We are trying our best to wait the tables. We thank our guests who place their orders at the counter. Please bear with us while we try to service everyone.”

I’m no economist, but the experts say there are several contributing factors. Some people argue that it’s going to take a higher minimum wage to draw in the workforce.  According to numbernomics.com, “It could be that the available workers do not have the skills required for the jobs that are available.  Or, perhaps, between their state and federal unemployment benefits, some of those unemployed workers are choosing not to work until their benefits run out.”

In the meantime, employers are joining in the chorus of the Maid Rite restaurant. Please be patient. These businesses need your patronage, especially as they try to bounce back from the pandemic, but service may be slower and wait times a bit longer.

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