You see it when you go downtown, on buildings, on planters, on walls: art! Arts Quincy puts so much effort into getting support for all arts, and it has paid off.

For the second year in a row Quincy has been named one of the most artistic towns in the country. Quincy is also the only town to win this honor twice in a row. According to, Quincy is among several cities named America's Most Artistic. The website lists three categories: large, medium, and small market (Quincy being in the latter). Arts Quincy was recognized for all of their yearly events that bring in arts to the area. From their annual fall arts festival, the Folk Life Festival, and the Mid-Summer Arts Faire (which recently change the name to Q-Fest) Arts Quincy's calendar is always filled. To find out what's next on Arts Quincy's calendar click here and see how you and your family can get involved in the arts.

The Midwest was well-represented in the list which featured Columbia, Kansas City, and Joplin as well as Paducah, Kentucky. So get out and enjoy the world of art.


If you have time this weekend, take a walk downtown and enjoy not only the local shops Quincy has to offer, but the beautiful art work done by local artists that you can see on every block.

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