Quincy is home to beautiful architecture, many of the buildings and homes date back to the 1800's. However, did you know there is one house in Quincy that help rescued a slave through the Underground Railroad?

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Located at 415 Jersey in Quincy, The house known as the Dr. Eells House was used to help a slave escape. According to Arts Quincy, the story goes...

Dr. Eells was an outspoken abolitionist who helped an escaped enslaved man named Charley from Missouri in 1842. Charley was soon captured and the escape attempt failed. Dr. Eells was found guilty of harboring a fugitive and other charges. His case made its way through appeals all the way to the Supreme Court. Although Dr. Eells died with the conviction on his record, he now is remembered for his efforts to create equality and abolish slavery.

In 2015, former Quincy Mayor Chuck Scholz and president of the organization to help restore the home, John Cornell, worked together to have Dr. Eells pardoned. The argument worked as Dr. Eells was pardoned by then Governor Pat Quinn.

The organization, Friends of Dr. Richard Eells, keep telling the story of the brave doctor who risked it all to help slaves escape. If you would like to learn more about the Underground Railroad and the story of Dr. Eells, the Historical Society of Quincy & Adams County's website has much more to read about. The house still stands today at 415 Jersey St. in Quincy and in-person tours will resume this spring.

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