Your next chance to support the "Bleeding Arts" is coming up with the "Be an Angel" blood drive hosted by Arts Quincy, Quincy Community Theatre, and Quincy Noon Kiwanis.

As we kick off 2021 new year there is a new need for blood donations! Blood donations have been down across the United States over the past couple months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is understandable with people quarantining and limiting large gatherings. But the need for blood is still there and there are many precautions in place for you to give blood safely during this pandemic.

Arts Quincy is hosting a blood drive called the Be an Angel Blood Drive at The Atrium on Wednesday, February 10th from 1 pm until 6 pm, they have teamed up with Quincy Community Theatre and Quincy Noon Kiwanis, and you can donate toward their blood donation team called the "Bleeding Arts" on the Facebook event they created to promote the blood drive they say...

"Sign up for our next blood drive at Join the team "The Bleeding Arts." Reservations are required. Donors will receive an Angel Food Cake from Underbrinks! Please note the new location at The Atrium on Third."

For more information on this blood drive check out their Facebook event page by clicking here! 

The need for blood is at an all time high especially as we near the bad weather driving season here in the Tri-States, accidents are bound to happen and people will need blood. Donate now to help out those in our community and make sure you try to bring a friend along with you! It is a simple and helpful way to give back to your community to start the new year!

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