No matter whether you consider Jesse James a hero or villain, there's no denying he lived one of the most colorful lives in American history. You can view much of that at Jesse James birthplace and farm in Kearney, Missouri.

As Wikipedia and Biography document, Jesse James was born on this farm in Kearney, Missouri on September 5, 1847. Thanks to a somewhat recent walkthrough of a guy on YouTube, you can see inside of this center of Jesse James life and death.

Jesse James Farm in Kearney, Missouri

After Jesse James was killed by Robert Ford, he was buried on his farm in Kearney, Missouri. His wife and brother would charge a small fee for visitors to visit Jesse's grave and take a small rock from on top of it. The rumor was they would gather more rocks from a nearby creek when needed. Wikipedia says despite this, Zee James died alone and in poverty.

There were countless rumors that Jesse James was not the man killed by Frank Ford and the inquiries led to an exhumation and DNA testing in 1995. DNA testing did connect the man buried in the grave to be connected to one of Jesse James sisters. He was buried again at the farm, but later moved to Mount Olivet Cemetery.

By many accounts, Jesse James was a robber and a killer, but many herald him as a righteous rebel against the railroads after the Civil War and defender of Missouri farmers. The rich history of his life remains visible in this small farmstead in Kearney, Missouri.

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