History tells us that Missouri's Jesse James spent almost half of his life as an outlaw and during that time amassed a fortune in gold. Where did he hide it? There are new clues that have surfaced that point to some possibilities.

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In his 34 years on Earth, Jesse James robbed and stole for at least 16 years of it. The estimates are that he ended up with what would amount to $50 million dollars in gold based on current value. Most of that fortune has never been recovered. Since Jesse James was born in Kearney, Missouri and killed in St. Joseph, Missouri, it's believed that his gold must be located somewhere in the hills of Missouri. There's a new theory that points to a completely different location.

During the making of Beyond Oak Island, there were clues found in a remote Utah desert that seems to indicate the presence of Jesse James at one time connecting him to other members of the Knights of the Golden Circle. This was a secret society that Jesse James was a part of that wanted to create a new country where slavery would be legal. This gold would have been part of the effort to fund that war effort.

J.H. Squires was found carved into a rock. Squire meaning "Knight". One reference to Jesse James and his connection to Knights of the Golden Circle include "Jesse Knight" which is part of the reason why it's believed this rock (and his treasure) are connected to this location.

The area where the inscription was found is managed by the Bureau of Land Management which does not allow treasure recovery efforts. Curiously, many of the alleged Knights of the Golden Circle burial sites have been claimed by the government. Is there a conspiracy or is this pure coincidence? Hmm.

Could it be that the estimated $50 million dollar Jesse James gold treasure is already in government hands? The truth is out there (or at least buried somewhere out there).

Jesse James Farm in Kearney, Missouri

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