I did not know this, but then again I am not a genius and that's not breaking news. Did you know that Highway 36 in Missouri is really known as the "Genius Highway"? I do now and I'll share what I've learned.

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I need to thank KMTV in Omaha for this new knowledge I have acquired. Their "Travels in the Heartland" series just covered Highway 36 in Missouri which they mentioned is the "Genius Highway". There's a good reason for that. It even has an official website, which really is smart...er...genius.

What makes Highway 36 in Missouri so dang smart? Along that route in Missouri, you'll find the birthplaces of Mark Twain, Molly Brown, Walt Disney, JC Penney and Jesse James. That last one could also make it the Outlaws Highway, but I digress.

It's more than just celebrities, though. Sliced bread was first done in that part of Missouri and many military leaders and strategists were born there, too. Gen. John J. “Black Jack” PershingGen. Omar N. Bradley and Gen. Sterling Price all have origins there.

The official website also mentions Rock Port, Missouri was the first community powered solely by wind. It's also known as the Quilt Trail in case you're interested in that sort of thing.

I was educated in a town that's part of the Genius Highway and that will likely come as a shock to every teacher that ever encountered me in school. Apparently, I was the only person who didn't know what I should have become. Duh.

Jesse James Farm in Kearney, Missouri

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