One great things about opinions is everyone has one. This is mine. It's my deep conviction that Quincy really really really needs an In-N-Out Burger and needs it now.

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I fully realize this is not an easy request. If you're not familiar with In-N-Out Burger, it's a popular chain that began its existence in California. According to their official website, the first one opened in 1948. Something interesting has happened over the last decade that has given me hope that a local In-N-Out is not an impossible dream. After its genesis in southern California, the franchise has now expanded to Arizona, Nevada, Utah and now Texas.

Why the fuss over In-N-Out Burger? A couple years ago, Mashed made my case for me.

What do I really expect we're gonna see happen? I think we will eventually see an In-N-Out Burger likely appear first in St. Louis and/or Chicago. Just like Whataburger that just launched a Missouri location in Kansas City (thanks Patrick Mahomes) with 5 more coming over the next year or two, I think that's a likely path for In-N-Out Burger, too.

Still sound crazy to you? Many didn't believe Quincy would ever see a Target, but that's happening now. In fact, it's the fact that Target is coming to town that (in my opinion) makes it more likely you'll see a burger place like In-N-Out consider our area. I'd also be happy with Whataburger if anyone wants to pass that word along to them, too.

When we asked you on Facebook about what should go in the old Ruby Tuesday location, everyone had an opinion and I saw a few In-N-Out comments there.

Perhaps if we create a dull roar of requests, someone in that California corporate headquarters will listen to us.

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