This was completely unexpected. Thanks to a sudden solar storm, the northern lights were visible over many parts of Missouri this weekend.

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I saw this report by Newsweek which said the northern lights were visible extremely south on Saturday night, September 2, 2023 including Missouri and Colorado. It was because of a sudden G2-class geomagnetic storm which was completely unexpected, but it lit up the Missouri skies with brilliant colors.

If you look at NOAA's Space Weather forecast website, it shows you where the aurora borealis will be visible on any given day. It is extremely rare to see their forecast include states as far south as Missouri. My understanding is that on the night of September 2, 2023, Missouri was still NOT on their forecast map, but the solar storm was so strong, the northern lights were visible anyway.

It just goes to prove that even space weather is hard to predict. You can check NOAA's aurora borealis forecast for yourself to see when these magical lights may brighten Missouri skies again.

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