The internet cannot do anything to surprise me at this point. My expectations are so low for people researching facts before sharing video or pictures already. But, even by those low standards, this is pretty pathetic. No, internet, Missouri did not hold a book burning.

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Disclaimer: I am not a political person and don't like and/or endorse any political party ever. I seriously don't trust elephants or donkeys or the real animals either.

Before I begin a debunking, here's what Jonathan Riley shared on X (the artist formerly known as Twitter).

The video claims to show a couple of Missouri senators torching books except it doesn't. Snopes backs me up on this by saying the video is captioned wrong. They point out that the problem with calling this a book burning is that there are no books there. Just cardboard boxes. Whoops. Oh, by the way, I don't trust Snopes all the time either.

They clarify further saying it happened at the St. Charles Republican Central Community's Freedom Fest. One interesting thing I found is the event page appears to have been deleted off of the website. Curious. My guess is that the group is tired of dealing with the furor the video is causing.

Do I endorse the bonfire of other people's ideas? Nope. All I request is that people research what's really going on before they apply their own narrative to it in an attempt to prove their own ideology. That's only fair.

Sorry, internet, but you got it wrong. Again.

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