When I was a kid in school they actually spent time teaching me and my fellow students Roman numerals. Do they still do it today? I can honestly tell you that the only time I ever encounter Roman numerals anymore is at the beginning of a movie (when they flash the title) and when I read about the NFL's Super Bowl Game. Those are the only two times I ever see it. I have to ask the question "why did I need to know them in the first place?"

Now comes word a few weeks ago that the NFL has decided NOT to use the Roman numeral "L" to represent the 50th year of the game in the season ahead. Well, since I really don't attend too many movies that means I may never see a Roman numeral again.

The NFL's branding committee in an attempt to come up with a logo for the Super Bowl tried to use the letter "L," which is the Roman numeral for 50, but it just didn't look good standing alone. Therefore, they created a logo using the Arabic number 50 and intend on returning to Roman numerals next year for the 51st Super Bowl.

Ah, thank goodness. I wouldn't want to waste my Roman numeral knowledge on this July IIX, MMXIV.

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