Nearly everyone should be aware by now that a huge freighter impacted something in Lake Superior north of Wisconsin early Saturday, June 8. What no one seems certain of now is exactly what that something was although many wild theories are being circulated.

As I first shared this past weekend, the freighter Michipicoten impacted an object Saturday morning at approximately 6:53am. It began taking on water which led to a rescue effort by the United States Coast Guard.

Everyone's focus was the safety of the crew and once all were accounted for and verified safe, the effort began to escort the vessel to Thunder Bay which was also done successfully. Now, the investigation has begun into what the Michipicoten hit in Lake Superior north of Wisconsin. According to CNN, this is where the mystery deepens.

While the official investigation is underway, there's online chatter and questions about what the Michipicoten hit and I've seen multiple commenters mention the suspicion that it hit a Russian sub hiding in the Great Lakes. But, is that even possible?

One of the more interesting comments I've found comes from many former military people including a former submarine sonar Chief Petty Officer on Quora. The short answer is it's hypothetically possible for a submarine to reach the Great Lakes. The long answer is it is highly unlikely and very unrealistic to imagine this scenario being a real thing. 

I've been waiting for an official report to be issued by the US Coast Guard and Transport Canada who are looking into what the vessel hit that caused such major hull damage. I just feel like it's important to go ahead and debunk some of the crazier theories that are starting to reach a fever pitch. While it's interesting (in a Tom Clancy kind of way) to imagine a Russian submarine hiding in the Great Lakes, it's just not a practical and realistic explanation of what the huge freighter actually impacted.

I will wait for investigator facts to be issued and would recommend others avoid wild speculation until we know more.

UPDATE: 6-10-24 - 3:21pm - TB Newswatch now reporting that investigators found a 13-foot crack in the hull of the ship and now say they don't believe the freighter hit anything, but that it was just the result of hull failure/fatigue. Curious.

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