It has been an eventful start to the weekend in the Great Lakes region as there are reports that a huge freighter collided with an object in Lake Superior north of Wisconsin and was taking on water.

This bulletin from the United States Coast Guard in the Great Lakes region was shared late Friday night regarding the Michipicoten.

Wikipedia says this vessel entered service way back in 1952 and "has a capacity of 22,300 tons, a speed of 12 knots (14 mph), and a length of 689 feet".

The United States Coast Guard statement says there are 22 people on board and that boat crews were headed toward the ship. Marine Traffic shows the Michipicoten due north of Wisconsin still stationary in Lake Superior as of this writing.

Infographic, Marine Traffic
Infographic, Marine Traffic

As this is a developing story, it will be updated once new information is provided by the United States Coast Guard.

UPDATE: 6/8/24 11:30am - There are reports on Facebook of helicopters circling the vessel and there are efforts to try and get it to Thunder Bay.

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