A mountain lion was struck and killed by a vehicle in Dekalb County, Illinois Sunday according to the Department of Natural Resources.

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The Illinois Department of Natural Resources announced on their official website that the cougar was struck by a vehicle driving on I-88 in Dekalb County, Illinois. The also shared details on their Facebook page.

Wildlife Illinois characterizes mountain lions as "rare visitors" in the state. They advise if you ever encounter one of these big cats in the wild to not run and try to not put yourself in situations that surprise the animals. The bottom line is you don't want to appear as prey.

How can you identify if you're in a place where a mountain lion has been? Tracks are different than a large dog as mountain lions have no claws in their tracks. If you see a large print with no claws visible, then you might be dealing with a place that a mountain lion has been recently.

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