If you’re like most people, you have one or more websites that you simply cannot live a day without clicking over to it in order to get your dose of the World Wide Web.

Don’t feel bad. These days everyone is addicted to something, and the truth is, surfing the internet is safer than smoking crack cocaine or jumping out of airplanes.

In fact, not only do millions of people share the same cyber addiction, but according to Alexa’s list of the 500 most popular websites worldwide, they’re all getting their fix from the same sources.

This year’s list was comprised of a ranking system that utilized three months worth of data, which consisted of criteria that included a website’s global reach and the number of pageviews it received.

While MSN fell substantially, down from 11 to 17, Twitter moved up from the number nine to the number eight spot. Amazon grabbed the bull by the horns this year, advancing five positions from its rank in 2011 to 10th, while WordPress disappeared altogether from the top 17.

Interestingly, the number one site, Google, leads the pack this year in global reach and the number two ranking site, Facebook, leads in terms of pageviews, yet, the world’s favorite top four websites remain unchanged from last year. Take a look at 15 websites worldwide below.

Top 15 Websites of 2012

1. Google

2. Facebook

3. YouTube

4. Yahoo

5. Baidu

6. Wikipedia

7. Live.com

8. Twitter

9. QQ.com

10. Amazon

11. Blogger.com

12. Google.co.in

13. LinkedIn

14. Taobao.com

15. Yahoo.co.jp

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