After 11 seasons, Modern Family is coming to an end.

At the Television Critics Association press tour today, ABC announced that Modern Family would leave the airwaves following the show’s upcoming 11th season. The show has won 22 Emmys to date, including five Best Comedy Series awards.

Via Entertainment Weekly, a statement from the show’s co-creators:

‘For 10 years, our characters have bravely faced turning points in life and moved through them to great personal enrichment; we have chosen a different path by doing one more season of Modern Family,’ co-creator Christopher Lloyd quipped in a statement, while co-creator Steve Levitan added: ‘Even after 10 years together, we realized there are still some things our writers don’t yet know about each other’s sex lives.’

Good to see they’re taking the news with a sense of humor.

Launched in 2009, Modern Family steadily rose in popularity through its early years. (All the Emmys definitely helped.) Before Season 11 begins, it will have already aired almost 225 episodes, making it one of the longest running comedy series in TV history. Modern Family also turned many of its cast members into stars, including Sofia Vergara, Ty Burrell, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. And it ensured Ed O’Neill wasn’t immediately referred to as Al Bundy everywhere he went. (He’s still Al Bundy to me, darn it — he scored four touchdowns in a single game at Polk High!)

The 11th and final season of Modern Family will begin airing this coming fall on ABC.

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