I am not alone in my admiration of the TV series American Pickers. I ran into one of the hosts in Missouri several years ago, but that's not the news I have to share with you. I've learned that American Pickers is coming to Missouri this June and you can be on their show.

The official American Pickers Facebook page shared this news earlier this week about their plans for Missouri in June.

If you can't see the small Facebook print, American Pickers is coming to Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas in June and you can be on the show. If you have a private collection that has items that would be of interest to them, you can call or text the shows representatives. They are not interested in businesses with stuff, only interesting individuals.

A few years ago, I was getting an oil change in Hannibal, Missouri when a guy walked in who was wearing shades. He sat down next to me and another guy who was also getting an oil change said "Hey, I really enjoy your show" and I realized that is Frank Fritz who was on American Pickers originally who was sitting next to me. For all I know, the show learned that he sat next to me and that's what got him booted off the show. Hey, it's possible.

Unlike Frank, you can be on American Pickers when they come to Missouri in June. Make sure to follow the official show Facebook page for more details and updates.

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