You might remember a story about a Missouri woman who was awarded millions by a court when she claimed that an insurance company owed her because she received a STD while in her companion's car. The Missouri Supreme Court has now struck that ruling down.

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We reported last June that a Missouri woman had been awarded $5.2 million dollars in her lawsuit against Geico. As we said then "she obtained a STD from her partner while in his car. He allegedly knew about his "problems" and was found responsible for her being infected with HPV (human papillomavirus)."

The Riverfront Times is reporting today that the Missouri Supreme Court has struck that judgment down. The ruling from the court document says the following:

GEICO General Insurance Company (GEICO), appeals a Jackson County circuit court's judgment confirming M.O.'s arbitration award. GEICO argues the circuit court erred in confirming the arbitration award because, pursuant to § 537.065.2,1 GEICO had a right to intervene before judgment because it filed its motion to intervene prior to entry of judgment. The circuit court's judgment is vacated, and the case is remanded.

I have no idea what some of that lawyer talk is, but the short version is the Missouri woman is not receiving $5.2 million dollars anymore. The court is saying that GEICO was not given the proper notice to object to the original claim so they're not required to open their big wallet and pay out.

This just in. You can't get a STD from a car. Common sense wins the day. Finally.

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