Here comes a story. When I was a young man without adult responsibilities, I had a great car and personalized Missouri license plates. Those days are past, but I've learned there still are 10 plates that are incredible you can personalize for yourself in the Show Me State.

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I promised my wife I was not gonna tell the story again about how I had a frigging sweet 1982 Firebird. Sorry, promise broken. It was the best car I've ever owned. Had an epic tape deck (yes, CD's had not been invented yet, I'm old). Plus, I had personalized plates (my favorite was 99Q-DOC). Oh, the memories...but I digress.

Here are the 10 personalized plates you can get (for a price) from the Missouri Department of Revenue. I'm quite partial to #1.

10 Absolutely Amazing Personalized Plates You Can Get in Missouri

Gallery Credit: Missouri Department of Revenue

According to the Missouri Department of Revenue website, there's a $25 donation that goes to different causes and a $15 reservation fee. I love the Don't Tread on Me one and also the Some Gave All plate. So sweet. Now, if I only had that 1982 Firebird back to put it on instead of my old Family "truckster".

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