Of all the worst-case scenarios, this is near the top of the list. The state of Missouri is warning that hackers could take aim at vital water supply systems and authorities need to be at the ready.

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The Missouri Department of Natural Resources issued a stark warning about how a cyber security attack could cripple the water we all need to live. They issued these dire words about what they believe can and will happen:

The USEPA and WaterISAC are alerting the water and wastewater systems sector to new information regarding a potential cyber threat to United States critical infrastructure. All water and wastewater system owners and operators should read this alert.

They're dedicating even more resources into preventing and/or detecting an incursion. Their recommendations are a laundry list of digital troubleshooting for vulnerable systems. They want the following:

  • Multi-step authentication
  • Stronger password standards
  • More deliberate backup of data
  • Action plan for operating water systems manually in the event of a breach

What would happen if a cyber attack took down Missouri's water system?

Medical News Today says that humans can only survive about 3 days without drinkable water. Without a backup plan and supplies, a cyber attack on Missouri water systems would cause a critical problem and possible breakdown of society if a remedy is not found.

It's a good thing that the Missouri Department of Natural Resources is acting BEFORE a cyber attack on the state's water systems. Now, we'll see how the water systems around Missouri respond to what is unfortunately an inevitable attempt to cripple something we all need to live.

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