Have you ever heard a statistic that just doesn't sound right even if there's science to back it up? That was my response to a new ranking that claims that Missouri has some of the smoothest roads in America.

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I saw this fascinating new ranking by Money Geek which rates each state by the smoothness of their roads. You really need to see their map to prove to yourself that I'm not imagining this.

I'll simply this. With #1 being the state with the worst roads and #50 being the state with the best, Missouri comes in at #41 making the Show Me State top 10 for great roads.

Here's a non-scientific observation. I have many friends I've grown up with that worked with or for the Missouri Department of Transportation and many directly involved with highway maintenance. I know they attest to the fact that the extreme summer heat and bitter winter cold make it really difficult for roads to not buckle and/or develop pot holes. It's just nature being nature for our part of America. I will say that I think that MODOT does a good job trying to keep up with it all. Perhaps this ranking should be a pat on the back for the many that work in this field.

The entire Money Geek ranking is an interesting read as to which states have good roads to travel on and those that don't.

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