Everyone has a certain highway they dread traveling on for different reasons. In Illinois, there's one in particular that causes fear for those that travel on it. Now, it's officially been declared the most feared roadway in the Land of Lincoln.

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I saw the results of this new survey shared by AOL. It seems to be based off of a rather extensive driver survey from Gunther Mitsubishi. Over 3,000 people responded to this survey.

What is the most feared roadway in Illinois?

A large number of survey respondents said it is Highway 24 which crosses the state over a 255 mile span.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

I had no choice but to drive I-24 in Illinois several times a few years ago and I can confirm the tangible fear it brings. The speed that traffic travels along that highway and the fact that it narrows to a 2-lane highway at one point is terrifying.

According to the AOL report, Illinois is trying to do something about all the accidents that happen on I-24. There is an ongoing highway project that will eventually help expand the lanes in that area. Maybe? It hasn't happened yet, so time will tell.

All I can add is this is one survey that I agree with. Only travel I-24 in Illinois if you must. If there is any other alternative (even if it takes a little longer to get where you're going), take it. This is one Illinois highway where you have that constant feeling that it's an accident waiting to happen.

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