You'll rarely if ever hear a Missouri fish story quite like this one. It's how a Missouri man lost a friend and how that loss led to a state record fish on Table Rock Lake.

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The Missouri Department of Conservation just shared the story of Anthony Schnur, Jr. of Pevely, Missouri. Anthony explained how back in the spring of 2021, he got a phone call one morning from the wife of his best friend of 30 years that he had sadly passed away. Anthony asked if he could do anything to help her. She said yes, he could go out on Table Rock Lake where they both fished often and catch a fish in his name.

Anthony Shnur, Jr. did that and more. The fish he caught in memory of his friend turned out to be a Missouri State Record longnose gar. It was a massive 32 lbs. 10 oz. fish.

The Missouri Department of Conservation agent mentioned that the longnose gar is the premier predator among fish in Table Rock Lake and they put up quite a fight when you hook one. Anthony mentioned that his girlfriend saved the day as his line got caught up in the trolling motor as he tried to reel the gar in. She lifted the motor and untangled the line just in the nick of time.

Many would consider what happened coincidence. For Anthony and the family of his good friend, it was anything but. It was a fish of destiny that was caught to celebrate a friendship that will never truly die.

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