The internet loves declaring the best and worst of places and I prefer to focus on that first one. There is now a lake in Illinois that's been named the best in the state for a very specific type of tourist. Let's explore.

Cheapism just ranked the best lake in each state for tourists and their choice for Illinois really is meant for a specific type of tourist.

Their pick for the best lake in Illinois for tourists is a good one. It's Cedar Lake in southern Illinois. They call it a sportsmen's paradise and they're not wrong.

According to I Fish Illinois, you'll find a plethora of fish in Cedar Lake including numerous crappie and bass.

The nice thing about Cedar Lake as a great Illinois destination is that it's no one trick pony. Yes, the fishing is great, but there are epic Cedar Lake hiking options, too. Combine that with the fact that it's located in arguably the most scenic part of Illinois and you really aren't gonna get any argument from me that there's a better lake to pick out for your next road trip.

It's awesome that Cedar Lake has been chosen as a great tourist destination in the Land of Lincoln, but I'd argue it's equally great for the Illinois natives, too.

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