Missouri is a special place. You go out into the wilds hunting mushrooms and sometimes you find bears instead which is exactly what just happened a few days ago in the Show Me State.

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Cedar Gap Hounds just shared this somewhat harrowing moment in a YouTube short. It's a black bear sow with at 2 cubs if you look closely. There's no mention of what part of Missouri this black bear encounter happened in.

In this video, there appear to have been no people or bears harmed, however it could have become a bad situation quickly. The Missouri Department of Conservation says to be "bear aware" for a reason. The black bear population in the state is increasing quickly.

The state of Missouri advises if you see a bear like this, never corner or surprise the animal. Make the bear aware of your presence in a calm voice and begin to back away, but don't turn your back and/or run. The fact that this black bear sow had cubs with her would make her even more unpredictable and potentially dangerous if she feels they are threatened in any way.

All's well that ends well I suppose. This Missouri mushroom hunter will now have quite a story to tell and video to prove their close encounter with a bear really did happen. Wonder if they got any mushrooms after this? Asking for a friend.

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