I'll begin this by saying that I'm demanding a recount. This is in regards to a new survey that claims there's one brand that is the 'least-trusted' in America and it has 182 locations in Missouri. I have so many problems with this I'm not sure where to start.

I would just ignore this, but I'm seeing it being passed around on social media. Let's dig down and see what is really going on here. First of all, the survey is real and was shared by Chain Store Age. Clarify Capital actually did the survey where it asked a lot of very legitimate questions including whether a business delivers on promises, prices their products fairly and responds to feedback, etc.

According to the surveys, the lowest-rated 'least-trusted' brand in America is...(*drum roll*)...

Sonic Drive-In (Only 18% of survey respondents listed them as trustworthy)

Scrape Hero shows that Sonic Drive-In has 182 Missouri fast food joints.

Now is the time when I tear into this to show why I don't feel it's fair to share anymore. If you look at the Chain Store Age article, look at the date the article was published: November 7, 2022.

This isn't Chain Store Age's fault either, by the way. Their article was very appropriate a couple years ago. I am of the opinion that surveys like this should not be held against the Sonic Drive-In's of the world two years later. 

I'm not an expert in anything, but I'd recommend that anytime you see a survey like this, check the date and make sure it's recent. It's hard enough these days for a brand (especially a restaurant) to survive without having to deal with negative surveys for years without end.

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