I think I know the answer to this question, but the internet is confused. Is Missouri a part of the Midwest or is the Show Me State part of the Great Plains? The answer (and concepts) are more complicated than you think.

I saw this fun question that was asked on the Missouri sub-Reddit about whether Missouri is a Midwest state or a part of the Great Plains. Last time I checked, there were several hundred responses and some were hilarious.

Is Missouri a “Midwest” State?
byu/iliveinmissouriSTL inmissouri

My immediate thought was that Missouri is a midwestern state, but not everyone agrees. The original poster said that his 25-year-old girlfriend thinks Missouri is a part of the Great Plains. One of the funniest comments on the Missouri sub-Reddit says that "most of Missouri is Midwest except for the Bootheel which is honorary South". That's incredible and accurate.

Someone else accurately pointed out that the largest ever study on the subject said Missouri is a Midwestern state. I'm still in the Missouri is a midwestern state camp, but I am starting to see the side of the Great Plains crowd, too. What do you think? Missouri in the Midwest or Great Plains? One of the eternal Missouri questions that will likely be definitely answered for certain.

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