Some things are just not meant to be understood. I say that because there is one specific item that hoards of people are invading Missouri Aldi stores to buy and I cannot understand it at all. It's a mystery yet to be solved.

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Have you been in on this shopping rage that's happening at Missouri Aldi stores and others around the country. One of my colleagues in Michigan said it's happening there, too.

What in the world is this super-popular mystery item?

Apartment Therapy shared the news that Aldi would be selling miniature versions of their store inside their stores. Here's what it looks like on Instagram.

Aldiusa, Instagram
Aldiusa, Instagram

Now, stores are selling out of these miniature Aldi stores IN Aldi's! You can't even buy it online from anywhere other than Ebay. The official Aldi store link will give you a "page not found" message. I also cannot find them on Ebay now either. I am stumped as to why.

Don't believe these mini-Aldi stores are so popular? Just look at the Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook group. The comments on the Instagram share include this one:

mari930lzf - "I neeeeed that Aldi village house"

I haven't had a chance to venture into the Hannibal, Missouri Aldi store or the Quincy, Illinois one either to verify this isn't available locally, but it sure looks unlikely. Have you found one? If so, you might be a rich person as they are all the rage...for some reason. The mystery remains as to why. I can't figure it out.

Maybe I should create a miniature version of our radio station? Hmm. (*maniacal laughter*)

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