I am a big fan of the Cars movies, but I'd never attempt this. A Springfield, Missouri driver was just spotted driving backwards down a busy street and Mater would be impressed.

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I think I know what's going on here and if I'm right, I feel for this person. This happened yesterday in Springfield, Missouri.  Before I present my idea, here's what the person who captured the video said:

A vehicle is driving in reverse behind my vehicle during fairly busy traffic on a main road through town in Springfield, MO. They are seen swerving as they try to make it around a curve in the road.

My theory is the car has transmission problems which could be a gearbox issue as Vehicle Freak mentions. Car Roar also mentions the clutch as being the possible villain. I have to admit this is a very impressive effort.

Fortunately, this backward driving episode in Springfield, Missouri does not appear to have involved any accidents. Very few people driving forward in Springfield can even say that.

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