It's never easy when the town you grew up in becomes something different entirely once you get older. That's the story told in a new video by a man who shares the sad story of how his hometown of Mt. Vernon, Illinois became one of the most dangerous cities in Illinois.

There are several "most dangerous cities in Illinois" lists that show Mt. Vernon as one of if not the most dangerous. Upgraded Home is one of them and has Mt. Vernon as #1 on the list no city wants to be on.

This guy grew up in Mt. Vernon. His perspective of what the city was like as a kid growing up with his friends to what he calls a "crossroad town" between Chicago and Memphis and the crime that travels between the two metros on the interstate. NOTE: there is some rough NSFW language in this one.

How sad that several times he advises the woman capturing video for him to not record someone because he's afraid they'll fire a weapon into the car. Here are some statistics from the Upgraded Home article that give you an idea how far Mt. Vernon has fallen over the years:

  • 1 in 65 of them are the victim of violent crime
  • 1 in 19 residents are victims of property crime

They do note there haven't been any murders recently. While that's happy news, it's really sad that no recent murders in Mt. Vernon, Illinois is surprising. Not the kind of thing you want to be said about the town you grew up in.

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