There are few things as peaceful as fishing as the sun is setting and night is approaching. Nothing quite like being all alone with the fish. A man fishing in Missouri was enjoying one of these nights when he suddenly realized that he was definitely not alone.

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Base Camp Chris just shared this interesting story on his YouTube channel about a man named Kevin from St. Charles, Missouri. Here's his quick backstory:

I have an encounter story from Kevin from Saint Charles, Missouri. Kevin was fishing at night along the Missouri river in 1998 and experienced something frightening and terrible as well as possibly being the Legendary Mo Mo the Missouri Monster!! I also do an interview with Kevin about his experience!!! Crazy stuff!!

Chris said that Kevin began his fishing trip around 6p in August of 1998. Kevin was 26 years old at the time. He parked along a riverfront road near the Missouri River. It required that he walk down a path through the woods to the water's edge. He had been fishing for around 4 hours when he decided to build a campfire.

Suddenly, Kevin heard 'something' coming down the trail he had traveled. It was something large enough to break large branches and then he heard the steps stop. He waited expecting for another fisherman to appear. Kevin got a chill as he knew he was being watched. 

It was 10p at night when this happened. Kevin was by himself when the thought hit him that whoever/whatever was coming down that trail also didn't have a flashlight. What kind of fisherman comes down a trail near the river without a flashlight, so he got his out and shined it down the path.

What Kevin saw was not a was what he described as a "creature". It was a shape that fled back into the woods making a horrifying sound. He hoped this was the end of whatever he was encountering. It wasn't.

Kevin heard some huge hand slamming the side of a 50 foot tree. The beast was trying to knock the tree to fall on him. Fortunately, the tree got caught on another tree before it hit him allowing him time to dodge it.

Kevin is trapped by the Missouri River with no escape other than to go up that path where the creature was. The forest became eerily quiet as Kevin waited for 2 hours before he finally decided to flee to his car. He had to step over the downed tree on his way down the path.

Kevin's walk down the forest path suddenly became a run as the hair on the back of his neck stood up. He fortunately was able to escape although he said that he had PTSD for nearly 5 years after the experience.

What tried to knock a tree down on him and what kind of creature is strong enough to bring down a 50 foot tree? Those questions remain unanswered, but Kevin has never gone night fishing since and who could blame him?

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