It happens every year usually around the end of school when athletes realize that their athletic careers have abruptly ended with a season and career ending loss. At this time of year you can open up the Herald Whig and see it in the faces of the losing players.   If you ever played a sport you know how gut wrenching it is when you realize that you have played your last game ever, be it football, basketball or baseball.

Such is, or will be, the case for the seniors playing for high school or collegiate teams this spring. Not only does the season end with a loss in most cases, but for those seniors so did their playing careers most likely. It's hard enough to lose your last game, but then the realization of the fact you will not be with these guys or gals (your teammates) again hits you.

There is no way to describe the feeling of losing a game, your teammates and your career all at the same time. The hurt eventually goes away but the little boy or girl in you still says you can still play that game no matter how old you are.

And you know what? There's nothing wrong with that thinking. I'm living proof of it! Thank God for all the great memories!

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