I want to be clear that I (and most sane people) consider this to be a very bad idea. However, I'm not here to judge. I'm here to determine if it's legal to shave while you're driving in Missouri. If I told you yes, would you be surprised? Then prepare to be surprised, but there is a catch.

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Big important disclaimer: I am NOT giving you legal or professional advice. I'm assuming everyone is smart enough to not try this. I'm sharing this because it made me laugh. Please don't shave and drive even if you have a permit. Thanks.

I saw an article from years ago on Odyssey that you must have a permit to be allowed to shave while you drive in Missouri. Surely that can't be true, right? Wrong.

I put on my research hat and found several sites have mentioned this obscure and strange Missouri law. Only In Your State is one and Travel Missouri is another. Answers.com explored whether this is a real thing.

Just because there's a strange law buried somewhere in the Missouri code, should you do this? I would hope common sense would kick in so no one would try this on a dare. Oh, and there's something else you should consider. Since the Missouri driving and shaving permit was enacted, there are newer distracted driving laws that would likely end up with you getting a ticket and/or possibly heading to the police station to explain yourself.

That being said. Do you think this would never happen? Guess again. If I could, I would yell "citizen's arrest" and ask to see this guy's permit.

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